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The journey of Department of Pharmacology, College of Medicine & Sagore Dutta Hospital has begun in the year 2011, August. The department has a legacy of holding experienced and enthusiastic faculty members from day zero. Their active effort along with administrative support and students’ active participation in departmental activities has made the journey of over three years pleasant for the faculty members. Although, hurdles came in the ways at times were cautiously crossed by the administration and academic staffs.

Since the day of inception, the faculty members of this department are dedicated in developing a natural inclination of students for the subject- Pharmacology. The educators of the Department believes in facilitating the process of student centric learning rather than forcefully transferring a 'database' of drugs into the 'naive' mind of undergraduate medical students. This philosophy of 'Learn with Fun' has reflected several times in the classroom environment by nurturing role play activities, interesting animation shows, group discussions etc while discussing a hard-core Pharmacology topic.

The training of experimental Pharmacology has shifted from in-vivo to in-silico models in this Department. Clicking of an ‘optical mouse’ and not sacrificing ‘rat and mouse’ while demonstrating the effects of one or multiple drugs are preferred by the Pharmacologists of our Departments. The innovation in teaching-learning is often reflected in the innovative evaluation techniques eg. concept mapping and mind mapping etc.

The faculties of this department encourage and guide students to participate in research projects. Students’ participation in ICMR STS projects within first two years of setting up of a department will possibly motivate more number of students to participate in research in future. The faculty members are especially interested in carrying out researches in the field of drug utilisation, antimicrobial resistance, generic medications and educational research.

Departmental Activities

  • Present departmental Activities
    • Undergraduate Pharmacology education.
    • Hands on training of Pharmacy techniques and experimental techniques.
    • Conducting research by the faculty members of the department.
    • Guiding students in conducting research.
    • Active participation in Pharmacovigilance activities in the department.
    • Sensitising clinical colleagues in Pharmacovigilance methods by seminars and symposiums.
    • Marinating make shift Institutional animal house and supervising the formation of permanent registered animal house in the institution.
    • Active participation in institutional animal and human ethics committee activities as Pharmacologists.
    • Critically review the technical details of research proposals as members of Institutional Technical Review Board (Research).

Future directions

  • To build the infra structure of Post Graduate training and apply for Medical council permission.
  • To establish a structured system for providing poisoning and drug related information to clinical colleagues
  • Establish and apply for Pharmacovigilance Monitoring centre.
  • Develop Therapeutic Drug Monitoring Laboratory.
  • Develop the infra structure for modern Pharmacology laboratory.

Ideally, the department of Pharmacology in any tertiary care teaching hospital should have multifaceted role eg. training, research and hospital services. The departmental faculty members are committed to contribute in several possible directions in due course.


Papers published by faculties.


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1 Faculty project (IEC Approval obtained)

A study of computer, internet and software usage by the undergraduate students in a medical college in Kolkata.

Dr G Sengupta (Assistant Professor) N/A Ongoing
2 Faculty project (IEC Approval obtained)

Mechanism of Action of Antimicrobials Modulating Microbial Protein Synthesis – A Role-Play Approach in Undergraduate Pharmacology Class

Dr S Choudhury (Assistant Professor) N/A Ongoing
3 ICMR STS Projects

The Extent and Factors Associated with Non-Prescription Drug Use in an Urban Area in West Bengal – a Survey

Rituparna De Prof. Dr R K Roy (HOD) Ongoing
4 ICMR STS Projects

Impact of Generic drug prescription on medication adherence in eastern India; A pilot study

Aishee Pal Dr M Das, Assoc. Prof. Ongoing
5 Students’ Projects

Effect of Timolol Maleate Eye Drops on Bilateral Intra-Ocular Pressure (IOP) after Unilateral Instillation in Patients with Raised IOP.

Sohini Sen Dr G Sengupta, Assistant Professor Ongoing
6 Students’ Projects

Perception and knowledge of clinical trial among clinicians in Eastern India

Lisa Barman Dr S Choudhury (Assistant Professor) Ongoing

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