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"A life of joy and happiness is possible only on the basis of knowledge and science." Dr S. Radhakrisnan

Department of Microbiology, College of Medicine and Sagore Dutta Hospital is a multidisciplinary unit consisting of Bacteriology, Virology, Mycology, Anaerobic bacteriology, Immunology, Parasitology, Mycobacteria, Hospital infection control and Entomology section. The laboratory facilities include high end laboratory services as well as microbiological tools for diagnostic services. Teaching is an integral part of the departmental academic activity. As a newly developed Department it offers excellent opportunities for research and education.

Departmental Activities

  • Clinical services
    • Bacteriology: Grams stain/AFB staining/ Albert staining/ Aerobic Culture of all types of clinical specimen
    • Anaerobic culture
    • Serology: Arthritis Profile/ Hepatitis Profile/ VDRL/ Malaria serology
    • ELISA: For Dengue/ Chickungunya/ ANA/ AntiCCP
    • Mycology : Culture of Mycological elements in Skin/hairs /nails/cornea
    • Parasitological examination: Peripheral blood smears examination for MP/ MF/ Stool for parasites.
    • Hospital surveillance and infection control programme
  • Special activities
    • Active participation and Publication in annual college magazine
    • Active participation in CME s organized by Medical Education Unit
    • Active participation in integrated teaching programmes organized by Medical Education Unit
  • Teaching programmes
    • 100 MBBS students every year
    • Other course curriculum: 10 DMLT students (2 years course) under State medical faculty

Current research

  • Summer project by MSc Microbiology student: FLUOROQUINOLONE RESISTANCE IN URINARY ISOLATES

Scheme for 2nd professional MBBS examination of WBUHS microbiology

  • A. Written Paper: Two Papers, (40+40=80), 2hrs.each paper
    Paper I -General Bacteriology, Systemic Bacteriology, Immunology.
    Paper II –Virology, Mycology, Parasitology.
    The four questions in each theory paper will preferably have the following distribution of mark.
    Full marks-40, Time-2 hrs
    • Q.1. One (out of two) Clinical problem oriented question consisting of 2-4 small segments. Marks for each segment will be indicated separately. =10
    • Q.2. Three short note type questions (out of four) 4x3=12
    • Q.3. Three (out of four) short answer type/explanation of statement/difference between/mechanism of action/comment on 4x3=12
    • Q 4. Three short answer type questions. 2x3=6
  • Oral /Viva
    • General Bacteriology, Immunology, Systemic Bacteriology. 9 marks
    • Virology, Mycology, Parasitology. 6 marks
  • Practical- 25 marks. Time 1.1/2 hr. + 1/2h hr for spotting = 2 hrs
    • Identification of unknown bacterial culture. 8
    • Ziehl-Neelsen Staining of Sputum smear supplied. 3
    • Microscopical examination of supplied stool smear. 3
    • A serological test by common slide agglutination method. 3
    • Laboratory Note Book. 3
    • Spotting. 5


Papers published by faculties.


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