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Tender Notice (NIT No. 27/2017-18)
Quotation for IT Equipment
Tender of LED TV
Quotation notice for supply equipments for Blood Bank
Quotation Notice for equipments for dept. of Dentistry and Radiology, CMSDH
Quotation Notice for supply Hemocytometer sets
Quotation Notice for Embalming pump machine
Quotation Notice of Pest Control for CMSDH
Tender Notice (NIT: 21/2017-18)
Tender Notice (NIT No. 21/2017-2018)
Quotation Notice for supply Medicine
Quotation Notice for Dept. of Microbiology
Tender Notice (NIT No. 10-2017-18)
Tender Notice (NIT No. 11-2017-18) for Binocular LED Microscope
Quotation NOTICE for purchase Printer, Copier & Scanner for Dept. of FMT, CMSDH
Quotation Notice
Re-Tender Notice (NIT. : 09/2017-18)
Tender Notice (NIT No:07/2017-18) for Dept of Orthopedics, CMSDH
Tender Notice (NIT No. 04-2017-18)
Tender Notice (NIT No. 02-2017-17) for Branded Desktop
Tender Notice (NIT No. 03-2017-17) for Branded Laptop
Cancellation of Tender Notice for Library of School of Nursing, CMSDH
Tender Notice (NIT No. 24/2016-17)
Tender Notice (NIT No. 21/2016-17)
Quation Notice for servicing of Monocular & Binocular Microscopes
Quation Notice for supply of Equipments
Work Order
New Tender Notice for Disposal of Condemned Articles
New Tender for collection of Parking Fees
New Quotation Notice for purchase of Books
Tender Notice (NIT No. 14/2016-17)
Notice for cancellation of Tender
Quatation notice for supply Western Blotting Apparatus (Wet Botting) with Programmable Power Supply
Quatation notice for supply Verrtical Mini Gel System with Programmable Power Supply
Tender Notice
Quation notice for supply Water Bath
Quatation notice for supply Verrtical Mini Gel and Western Blotting Apparatus
Tender Notice (NIIT No. 01-2017-18
Tender Notice NIT : 03/2016-17
Tender Notice NIT : 04/2016-17
Tender Notice NIT : 05/2016-17
Notice inviting tender for disposal of condemned articles of College of Medicine & Sagore Dutta Hospital
Quotation Notice for Radiology Dept
Quotation for Books
Books Quotation
Tender Notice and Terms & Conditions of Grp-D & Scavenging services
Tender Invited for EquipmentInstrument , Chemical & Reagent ... (see details) - CMSDH10313 of date 22012013
Quotation Notice of Books for the year 2013-14
Quotation invited for supply of the Equipments under NPCB Programme (ANNEXURE enclosed)
Quotation for Library Software
Quotation for Dental X-Ray Unit
Corrigendum of the NIT No. CMSDH10313 Dated 22012013
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